Detroit, MI // 2011

We dream of art as an on-going daily action that creates a spirit of togetherness and solidarity in a practice of being in the present moment. We build our own geography out of scavenged materials left behind, building pathways between experiences, and celebrating life’s passing moments inspiration and creation

From August 1st through September 18, 2011, Rabid Hands is venturing to Detroit. Utilizing the vastness of condemned buildings there, we will transform a yet-to-be-discovered abandoned industrial complex into a labyrinth of overlapping immersive experiences. It is a living art experiment, a life study; it is a place with sculptures, installations, performance spaces, eating and food-making areas, all physically connected within the same maze. We will be making and living with an openness to the knowledge of our partnership with existence. Passing through the space we occupy, we will celebrate the miraculous breath we are honored to participate in. We’re embarking to do something all civilizations have done, which is spend large amounts of time and energy building something permanent only to watch it crumble. We’ll be putting our full efforts into the build with awareness of its preciousness and acceptance of its impermanence.