Keiv, Ukraine // 2012

A collaboration between Music Box creator and curator Delaney Martin, Music Box Civil Engineer and sound artist Taylor Shepherd, and veteran Music Box inventor and performer Andrew Schrock representing the Music Box family in The Ukraine. This project has been made possible by the American Embassy in Kiev in cooperation with the Art Arsenale Museum.

We explored inventions in musical architecture with our Ukrainian collaborators Ivanov Down ,and Dmytro Nikolaienko. Musical performance led by Kotra conducting Zavloka, Alla Zagaykevych, v4w.enko, Ivanov Down and Dmytro Nikolaienko.

The Music Box team in Kiev built a single house this time and filled it with Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Noise Floor and Lindsay Karty’s Electric Curtain, plus new inventions and visuals from Music Box artists Taylor Kuffner, Ben Mortimer, Ross Harmon and Swoon.