Richmond, VA // 2012

Andrew Schrock curated this installation / experience and invited collaborators: Amanda Stone + Vanessa Cronan, Ben Wolf, Bryan DeCaterina + Mara Hyman, Corinne Loperfido, Derek Farley, Monica Canilao + Harrison Bartlett, Jhenyfeir Cubero + Lindsey Standish, Larry Lorca, Loney Abrams + Margot Walsh, Steve Crandall, Tracy Gillman and Wolfgang Daniel + David Berrier.

The situation was an extension of the on going Dawn of the Universe Tour.

"For this specific installation, collaborators and attendees of the performance experienced the relations between: Particle Colliders, The Legend of the White Snake, the Bosch painting; The Garden of Earthly Delights, to visualise an interconnected movement towards human awareness and realized fantasy." -Andrew Schrock